MEDLI Summer 2023 Tutors

Welcome MEDLI students! We are so lucky to have amazing tutors this year eager to guide and assist you in your intensive learning journey. Simply find your language below and you will find information about your tutor as well as a short bio to help you get to know them.

Availability times for tutoring sessions: Monday – Friday, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Reminder that sessions usually last from 15-30 minutes. Group sessions may become available if demand is high.


Hadis Ghaedi

Hadis Ghaedi is a PhD candidate in the Second Language Acquisition program at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She completed a master’s degree at Shiraz University to become a foreign language teacher. She enjoys teaching and learning languages and discovering and sharing new cultures. She has been teaching/tutoring Persian, ESL and academic writing for several years at UW-Madison. Her research interests include learners’ perceptions, second language acquisition, academic writing, and sociolinguistics.


Nurettin Erkan

Nuri is a Teaching Assistant in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Language Institute (MEDLI), a scenario writer for the Regional Flagship Language Initiative – Culture Initiative, as well as an accomplished artist. Please coordinate with Nuri to schedule your tutoring sessions for the rest of the program. These sessions can be in person or virtual, depending on what works best for you and Nuri.


Neso Hefnawy

Marhaba مرحباMy name is Neso, and I am from Egypt. I am an Arabic teaching assistant and a grad student at the School of English (English Linguistics Major) at UW-Madison. I have been teaching Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian dialects for four years. I speak English as a second language which means I have been through all the challenges and the learning problems just like you! So, I have the experience to help you overcome your learning difficulties. Together, we will work on improving your language skills ( Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) and address any challenges that you face in learning Arabic such as acquiring new vocabulary, etc.


Asala Bani Mustafa

Asala Bani Mustafa is from Jordan. She was a Fulbright scholar between 2016 and 2018 at the University of Iowa, where she earned a Master’s degree in linguistics. She taught and tutored Levantine and Standard Arabic at both the University of Iowa and the University of Florida. Her interests include Second Language Acquisition, culture, and creating a learning environment that is fun, personalized, and meets the learners’ needs.