APTLI Policies

While enrolled in APTLI, students are subject to both University of Wisconsin rules as well as APTLI-specific policies  which are described below. All APTLI students will sign an agreement at the beginning of the program affirming that they will abide by all UW and APTLI policies.

APTLI Policies & Expectations

APTLI represents a commitment for the entire eight-week period, requiring a great deal of daily preparation. Students should not plan any other academic projects during this period that would detract from their full participation in APTLI.

Arriving in the classroom punctually before the arrival of the instructor is important and students will make every effort to be on time for all classes and other activities.

Certain materials used in instructional settings (including films and journalistic articles) may, in some students’ opinions, contain elements that they find objectionable (such as, but not limited to, representation of gender relations, attitudes reflecting pride in ethnic identity, religious attitudes and assumptions, style of writing and/or cinematographic technique). As such, students will be respectful of the context in which these materials are used.

As participants in the UW-Madison Arabic Persian and Turkish Language Institute, students will make every effort to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a serious and open-minded student, scholar, or professional. Students will treat their fellow students, faculty, and staff with respect, and will also treat all UW-Madison property with respect.

UW-Madison Academic Policies

APTLI participants are UW-Madison students, and therefore have specific rights and responsibilities as members of the UW-Madison community. The University of Wisconsin System has developed rules covering both academic and non-academic conduct, along with processes for responding to instances of misconduct and determining appropriate sanctions. Refer to the Student Code of Conduct for details on UWS 14 (academic conduct), UWS 17 (non-academic conduct), and UWS 18 (conduct on University lands).

Participants who violate these policies will be reviewed according to UW-Madison and APTLI procedures and may face dismissal from APTLI. Dismissed students may be ineligible for refunds, as determined by the UW-Madison refund schedule.