Hebrew Language Sustainment Resources

This Hebrew Language Resources webpage is geared towards modern Hebrew language learners, from beginner to advanced, who are interested in keeping up their Hebrew language skills and improving their speaking, listening, reading, and writing by exploring the available resources.

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  • Morfix: Recommended for basic translation. You can use the website or download the app.
  • Rav Milim: Subscription required.
  • Reverso: Online dictionary and app, includes context and synonyms.
  •  Milog: Definitions and examples of use, including expressions and slang.
  •  Kitzur: For looking up abbreviations.
  •  Wiktionary: Definitions, examples and etymologies.
  • Hebrew Picture Dictionary with Audio
  • Sketch Engine: Online text analysis tool that works with large samples of language to identify what is typical and frequent in language usage.

Websites and Apps for Learning

  • Vocabulary Memorization Apps/Websites: Quizlet, Memrise, Memrise App
  • Hebrew Vocabulary Pronunciation Website: Forvo (type in a word and it will pronounce it for you)
  • Verb conjugation websites: www.hebrew-verbs.co.il, www.pealim.com
  • Paalulan: Online verb conjugation table with options for practicing conjugations.
  • List of resources: A very comprehensive list of resources for learning Hebrew, includes typing games, books, games, news outlets, Hebrew phrases, vocabulary videos, and more.
  • Daily e-mail: A daily e-mail with 5 minutes of vocabulary, reading comprehension and some Hebrew language history.

Useful Tools for Creating Vocabulary and Grammar Review Games


  • Streetwise Hebrew : “A bite size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang” with a free English podcast for beginners and a paid Hebrew version for more advanced learners.
  • Hebrew Survival Phrases Podcast
  • Hebrew Time: Intermediate Hebrew Podcast: a weekly podcast for intermediate Hebrew learners on various podcast platforms
  • Kan News: A wide selection of podcasts, radio stations, and video shorts for advanced leaners.
  • Listening comprehension- Yours Truly: Online audio files with written text and questions at a variety of levels – materials by Dr. Raizen and the University of Texas at Austin.
  • A few recommended podcasts for advanced learners on kan.org.il:שיר אחד, עוד יום, ספר אחד, סיפור ביום, סליחה על עוד שאלה, היסטוריה לילדים

Radio and Music

Stream a variety of radio stations here:

You can also find a list of online Hebrew radio stations here.

Stream music wherever you listen to music.

Magazines and Books

E-Tone Self Study Interactive Newspaper: Monthly/ yearly subscription

JPost Ivrit: Short articles adapted for learners (subscription fee)

Simaniya: Monthly journal for Hebrew learners (subscription fee)

Online and Print Books and Graphic Novels: available for purchase here.

TV Channels Online

  • Kan 11 webpage: This Hebrew site (no subtitles) includes video shorts, TV shows, documentaries, podcasts, and news broadcasts. Browse the site and find what interests you. Children’s/ youth TV shows are great for learning and the language is often easier to follow. Material is relevant for intermediate high/ advanced learners.
  • TV shows, documentaries, and films are located here.
  • Reshet 12 webpage: This Hebrew site includes news broadcasts and TV shows. News livestream is free, but viewing TV shows requires a subscription.
  • Reshet 13 webpage: A Hebrew site.

News Outlets

  • Hebrew language: Haaretz.co.il, Zman.co.il, Maariv.co.il, Ynet.co.il, etc.
  • English language: Timesofisrael.com, Haaretz.com, Ynetnews.com, Jpost.com, etc.
  • Newspapers in easy Hebrew specifically for learners: Bereshit Newspaper: A virtual newspaper for readers with basic Hebrew knowledge. Subscription required.
  • Yanshuf: More advanced than Bereshit, Yanshuf is bi-weekly, virtual, easy-Hebrew newspaper. Subscription required.


  • Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu: Israeli Movies and TV: with English subtitles
  • ChaiFlicks: with English subtitles
  • Kan.org.il – for more advanced learners, no subtitles

More Resources

Website of the Academy of Hebrew Language: Website of the institute that oversees the development of modern Hebrew in Israel. Useful for advanced learners interested in the ongoing development of the language.

Modern Hebrew at UW-Madison

UW-Madison offers three modern Hebrew courses each semester, from beginner to advanced levels. During the summer, first and second semester are offered as intensive courses through MEDLI.

For information on courses, placement, language tables and conversation groups, contact Judith Sone at jsone@wisc.edu.


Instructor Resources

The NFLC at University of Maryland just launched their new e-Learning Portal this past month, which contains resources in many of our languages.

Content Curator

Judith Sone

Lecturer of Hebrew at the Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies