Instructor Resources

  • Provide students with a weekly plan (which aligns with the course goals stated in the syllabus) detailing the tentative topics covered each day along with corresponding assignments.  Notify students in person and through the course LMS when there are any major revisions to the weekly plan.
  • Provide students with a vocabulary list of each new topic at least one day in advance so that students can adequately prepare contributions for the next day’s class (in addition to looking up their own vocabulary items).
  • Assign a variety of written and spoken assignments relevant to the materials covered so that students receive regular feedback on their writing across themes and contexts.  Homework where students receive thorough feedback on their progress in the course should be assigned daily.
  • Create a variety of opportunities for students to practice active listening skills, including individual and group activities both in and outside of the classroom.
  • Structure conversational portions of the class period with adequate time for student preparation, providing clearly guided questions, facilitating student responses, and ensuring balanced participation.
  • Employ creative classroom management strategies to allow all students to contribute equally to the collective learning space.
  • Maintain neutrality on students’ expressed opinions in classroom discussions in the target-language, acting primarily as the facilitator and guide in such exercises rather than providing your own assessment of students’ views.

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Resources for Social Justice and Anti-Racism, and Language Literacy in the L2 Classroom

The Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy (CERCLL) at the University of Arizona has started a list of resources for Social Justice and Anti-Racism in the L2 classroom:

The NFLC at University of Maryland just launched their new e-Learning Portal this past month, which contains resources in many of our languages.

Inclusive Teaching Practices