Instructor Testimonials

“As an instructor having her first [MEDLI] APTLI experience here this summer, I could clearly see in two months why this is known as the best program in the U.S.. Great administrative staff, highly professional instructors and amazing students! It is not a program where you basically learn a language. It’s proven by experience that the [MEDLI] APTLI program provides a collaborative, peaceful and equitable learning experience for individuals to learn about the language and the cultures in a variety of ways. Similarly, it provides an engaging and supportive environment for instructors to develop both personally and professionally even in a very short time! I’m very proud to be a part of this amazing community!”

Tuğba Yıldırım
2021 Intermediate Turkish Instructor

Intermediate Turkish language class students at MEDLI

“I know some students want to learn Arabic, Persian, and Turkish because of their research needs and personal interests; however, they always have difficulty looking for a quality less commonly taught language program. [MEDLI] APTLI is their right option! It has wonderful teachers and provides supportive learning environment. In addition to language knowledge, students will be able to immerse themselves in the target culture. They will have a chance to know other learners who also have the same/similar interests. This is a perfect language program where you can develop your professional language skills and establish your interpersonal connections.”

-[MEDLI] APTLI 2021 Instructor

“The program is excellent and very well organized.”

-[MEDLI] APTLI 2021 Instructor

“[MEDLI] APTLI has a dynamic team. They can shape their objectives quickly. Also, each member is unique in terms of their responsibility. In case of any need, you can easily reach to them and find your answer quickly even if you are living in a different country.”

– [MEDLI] APTLI 2021 Instructor

“Working with [MEDLI] APTLI makes you feel valued and appreciated. The working atmosphere here is very harmonious and healthy. You always receive all the help you need and you will never feel alone. Thank you SO much.”

-[MEDLI] APTLI 2021 Instructor