MEDLI 2023 Summer Showcase

MEDLI Events

MEDLI students touring the Wisconsin Capitol (left) after a trip to the Farmers’ Market (right).

Turkish students watching a demonstration during a Turkish cooking class (left) and their products (right).

MEDLI students playing soccer.

Presenter Amelia Bader teaches MEDLI Arabic students about the history and practices of Arabic calligraphy (left). MEDLI Arabic students show their finished products (right).

MEDLI Persian students watching a Persian calligraphy demonstration given by Professor Fatemeh Mirsharifi.


Advanced  MEDLI Arabic students present their final projects.

MEDLI Arabic students and professors converse at one of the Arabic Language Tables.


MEDLI Classes

Intermediate Turkish students and Professor Tugba Yildirim Kumbasar enjoying the beautiful Madison weather during a morning class.

Turkish students receiving their certificates of completion at the end of the program.

Elementary Persian students present their final projects.

Hebrew students show their written Hebrew practice in class.

Turkish Student Presentation Links

Jessica Blanchard’s Turkish cooking video.

Muhammad Abdl-Haleem


Erin Dickerson


Miso Kwak

Elementary Turkish Student Video Presentation

Click here.


Arabic Final Presentation Links

Advanced Arabic students: Samuel Ramer, Silas McIntire, Madena Mena, Sophia Amos, and Baraa Ali

Wix website

Google slides

Advanced Persian Presentation Link

Click here.

Hebrew Final Presentations

Hattin Reenactment Video,” by Christopher Herde

House Tour Video, by Christopher Herde