Policy on External Commitments

MEDLI is an intensive program, and we encourage students to budget approximately 8 hours per day for their language studies, including four hours per day of class time and approximately four hours per day of external review and work. Given this, it can be difficult to maintain the same commitment to external obligations as possible during a normal academic year.

For other circumstances, such as unexpected events or illnesses, or anything else which will not overall impact or hinder your participation in the program, we are happy to work with you to establish reasonable accommodations. We encourage all applicants to familiarize themselves with UW-Madison’s policy on access and reasonable accommodations, as well as MEDLI’s absence policy. Any questions can be directed to medli@lpo.wisc.edu.

 Obligations include but are not limited to:

  •     Doctoral research
  •     Part-time or full-time employment
  •     Part-time or full-time caregiving responsibilities
  •     Recurring appointments
  •     Any other activity which limits your ability to devote the adequate time necessary (approximately 8 hours per day) to succeed in this program.