UW-Madison’s Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Language Institute (MEDLI), formerly the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Institute (APTLI), employs a communicative approach that entails student-centered, performance-based, and context-oriented language teaching.

To meet the program goals of integrating reading, writing, listening, and speaking with communication strategies and cultural skills, instructors and students agree to use the target language exclusively within the classroom. At the end of each level of instruction, students will demonstrate a) greater facility of communication, b) broader understanding of how to engage in the historical and socio-cultural contexts in which the target language is used, and c) expanded individual capabilities in learning how to adapt language skills for life-long learning.

The Following Languages & Levels Are Being Offered at MEDLI 2024:


  • Elementary Arabic
  • Intermediate Arabic
  • Advanced Arabic
  • Elementary Hebrew
  • Elementary Persian
  • Intermediate Persian
  • Advanced Persian
  • Elementary Turkish
  • Intermediate Turkish
  • Advanced Turkish

“Studying Turkish has been a kind of newer ambition/goal for me but looking at what I’m most interested in academically and how I can put that into a career, like going to graduate school for history, I know that language study is a very big part of that.”

– Emma C. 2022 MEDLI Student