Student Testimonials

“When I heard that [MEDLI] APTLI was going to be online the summer of 2020 I was a little nervous. I had set high goals for myself going into the summer, hoping to improve to an advanced low on my OPIs, and I was worried from other online class experiences that I wouldn’t grow nearly as much as I would in an in-person class. Needless to say, I was fortunate to be wrong. The professor kept attention (and morale) up by keeping the day dynamic, and his enthusiasm definitely helped convince me to stay invested in the class. The class was organized not like an in-person class forced online, but an online class geared for the situation, which helped things from feeling off-beat. In particular, the use of online breakout rooms offered more opportunities for direct peer to peer Arabic practice not possible with in-person instruction. It was also a great way to get to know our classmates better and decompress from more intensive lessons. Some of my favorite highlights from the program were simply getting to talk to students from all over the country in these breakout sessions. What more, whether watching films or cooking Yemeni foods as a class the program still offered a host of cultural activities that took advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by online instruction. While online intensive learning was certainly a change from the sort of instruction I was used to, I was still able to meet my language goal of improving to advanced low while also making some quality friendships.”

Gordon Goodwin
Arabic Student, [MEDLI] APTLI Alum, 2021 WISLI Student Conference Presenter

students placing flags from around the world on a table

“I thought it was a very helpful classroom experience. I came into this program knowing very little Arabic and I am amazed by how much I learned.”

“I personally believe Fatemeh has a system of teaching with enthusiasm that is transmitted to the students. That is important!”

“I enjoyed the trip to the Oriental Institute because after 2 months of learning Arabic and Arabic culture, I was able to see these artifacts in a new perspective.”

“Everything! I have never had a better teacher. Ever. Anyone who has Salah as a teacher is blessed. I’m not even quite sure I can convey how much I loved having him as an instructor. I have never had a teacher who has cared so much about my well-being and I can’t remember ever meeting anyone so innately talented at putting people at ease. In terms of his teaching “exceedingly stellar” is a gross understatement. Rehire him. That comes from my heart. Salah Algabli is a gift to humanity.”

“This summer, I began learning the Turkish language under the instruction of Dr. Chi (Oğuz). Coming in, I had no prior Turkish learning experience, so it was incredible to see how much I gained through this intensive virtual program. In my elementary Turkish classes, my professor immersed us in the target language through increasingly complex role play, listening, and conversation activities. The highlight of my week was integrating the new concepts and words I learned through class into my twice weekly language partner conversation sessions! Next year, I anticipate continuing my Turkish studies through [MEDLI] APTLI, and I likewise hope to put my new language skills into practice in my future work!”

Abigail Aycock
Elementary Turkish Student